G-dog speaks

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Happy 25th birthday to Pigpen--oh wait, that was yesterday.
He got a book on mowing patterns for people's yards (from mom), a DeWalt cordless angle grinder (from me), an Outback gift card (from his brother), BB's for his BB gun and a clear shower curtain (from me), and a large propane gas grill (from his parents). Not bad. Sadly, he was the most excited about the angle grinder, not b/c it was from me, but b/c apparently, its a very exciting and useful tool. Who knew? I made it 27 years without one just fine. But now the next 25 years of his life (and probably his dad's) will be better b/c he owns this grinder. Awesome! Whatever makes the boy happy. :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Will I always look 12?

I thought the chances of this happening once were slim to none, but twice in 8 days? I'm amazed.

I went into a 7-11 in Miss Shirley's part of the world today (although I didn't get a chance to see Miss Shirley--Happy Birthday!) to fill up on some semi-cheapy gas. I decided to go inside and get a Taquito because sadly, I really like them. As I was checking out, I looked down at the lotto tickets and decided to buy a $2 Bingo one (Pigpen won $5 on one recently whereas I got nothing). The guy actually asked to see ID! I was AMAZED. I know I look young, but do I really look 9 years younger than I am?!?!! Apparently I do look 18, b/c I was carded last Tuesday at the porn shop Pigpen and I visited (hell yes we did and I'm not ashamed). The guy came over as we walked in, asked for my ID but said Pigpen was ok and he didn't need to see his. Dammit, I'm 2 1/2 years older than Pigpen! Must be his facial hair. This was also after getting carded for the Long Island Iced Tea I bought at dinner (but when I'm not carded for alcohol, I'm usually amazed so that wasn't bizarre). But being carded for being 18 twice in a little over a week? I can't tell if I should be sad that I still look like I could be in high school when I'll be celebrating my 10th reunion next year or be flattered b/c when I'm 30, I'll look like I'm 21.

PS: The day before my wedding last month, when I walked into the salon (to get a french manicure), the stylist asked if I wanted an updo (without first asking why I was there). She thought I was there to get my hair done for prom that night, along with the other 5 girls who were already there getting one!!! (Honey, I'm getting married, the prom was a long time ago, back when I was barely not a virgin.) Then, one of those girls going to prom says she recognizes me from one of the crew races she was at in Philly, and she thinks its b/c I was a rower there, not because I pulled her team's trailer. Maybe I should wear makeup or do something to my hair--I look too young!

Monday, July 10, 2006


Sothe Brad Paisley concert at Nissan Pavilion on Saturday night was awesome (and free since Pigpen won tickets!) Josh Turner, Sara Evans and Brad Paisley all played and all sounded great live, considering there were times when Sara Evans' voice seemed to be going out on her. Brad Paisley is super hot (a close second to Pigpen I must add) and he played a paisley guitar, which was funny. He and Sara Evans even had video stuff to go along with their show and I found it amazing how well they were able to get everything synced up. For instance, Brad Paisley has a duet he's done with Alison Krauss and of course she wasn't there for the show, but while his band rested backstage, he sang it anyway. I was curious about what would happen when the part that she sang started, and lo and behold, at the appropriate time, she popped onto the screen and sang her verses perfectly. It was beautiful. But then I thought about how that couldn't have been easy to do. Brad was there on a stool on stage all by himself and he just started singing and some sound guy had to cue her video up at the right time. Obviously, there must have been a cue they always use (a certain line in his verse, who knows), but still--the tempo was right, and the timing was right on. I bet that person got paid a lot of money to make sure that happened right and I think Brad Paisley is that much more of a badass musician for getting the tempo right on the song--he was alone and bandless at the beginning of the song. Not like he hasn't sung that particular song hundreds of times already but still!

But let me tell you about the traffic at Nissan. SUCKS. The show ended about 11pm. By the time we got out of there and walked to our car in the boondocks, it was 11:25. We didn't even START the car until 12:15am to sit in the line that wasn't moving to leave. I have no idea why, for 45 minutes, not a single car in either lot was able to move 1 inch, but we saw it. Finally at 12:15, movement commenced and we decided to actually turn the engine over in the car and get out of there. After a detour to the farm (where we assume Pigpen's drunk brother would be partying but he wasn't), we headed home. Great night, until the concert ended. I'll take Merriweather parking over Nissan anyday. But maybe this was a freak situation? I'd be willing to chance it if we win tickets to Kenny Chesney cause dammit, I do think his tractor is sexy.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Another era ends...

So, I officially changed my last name today. Pigpen and I have been husband and wife for 9 days and now we share a last name. This didn't happen for my last (quite short) marriage (call it premonition?) so this time, its all very extra special. I only had to sit in line at the Social Security office for 1 hour and 45 min (the DMV had them way beat--I was in and out in about a half an hour). But Pigpen is worth it. :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I got hitched!

So Pigpen and I are now husband and wife--how nuts is that? Being married rocks (granted, its only been 5 days) and since I'm not working, I'm able to watching some seriously shitty tv. And today, I may just have found the world's crappiest show. The Hills on MTV is horrid. I watched b/c my old employer is featured in it and it happened to be on while I was having lunch, but wow, the acting is just about as bad as it can get. Its so bad, its like they are trying too hard. Thank god its only a 30 min show, but I'm temped to watching another half hour. I'm sick--I'll go to the bank instead.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

All by myself

I'm so proud of myself! Sure, I've driven crew trailers by myself without Pigpen, but usually he's behind me in the other truck, or its a quick local race, or its just 2 hours up the road in Delaware. Well yesterday, I drove to ALBANY, NY all by myself with a fully loaded trailer. Things were very much in my favor--the trailer was full, but Pigpen and I were there during loading so we knew things were strapped down well. The weather was beautiful. There was virtually no traffic the route I took (which also included no toll roads since I'm badass). I had Pigpen's truck which has everything you could ever need including on board air (with a compressor), XM radio, a GPS system and a cb radio. Took about 9 hours but it was pretty damn easy!

I even got complimented on my badass driving skills today when I parked the trailer at the race site and unstuck some people without four wheel drive. I can do this by myself! Thanks to Pigpen for teaching me and putting some faith in me and letting me come up here by myself this weekend. Granted--he is flying up tomorrow to drive back with me but I still think he trusts me. :)

Friday, May 12, 2006

An era ends...kinda

Today was my last official day at work. Why am I not sad?
Yesterday was my last day in the office with my boss. She flew to LA today and isn't coming back until after I'm really gone. Saying goodbye was a bit odd, but not terribly since she's coming to the wedding in a few weeks. (Four weeks from tomorrow but no one is counting.)
Four more days of coming into the office to train my replacement and then I turn over my keys to her. There may be drinking that night just for shits and giggles, or maybe we'll head to the therapist for some more marriage counseling. Who knows. :)